December 21, 2009


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A secret way of keeping your secret as a secret is to share the secret with at least 4-5 people so that at least one of them will keep it as a secret.


April 12, 2009

Random Thoughts

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When fools rule you and you can’t do much then it means your wisdom sucks!

September 19, 2008


I don’t know what happens with me every now and then :S

things get bored , life gets easy and so get smooth and i hate that. i want change every day i live , because no change means no happenings , no challenge and no fun.

every day if becomes the day like yesterday then whats the use of today (leave aside tomorrow) , same old routine with same old people around, same old species you are (don’t think i am mad it’s just madness), same old crap going around.

some times the soul barks like a dog, growls like lion and sometimes sleeps like a bear in winter and things get more fishy even more than the fish itself but taste like a rotten mango and i want to bang my head on the wall again and again , punch my own face and even to jump from a tall building wuuuf BUUUUUUUTTTT na routine never changes unless you deviate from it and then that deviation becomes a routine so what to do.

A new world every day, a new surroundings with new people everyday but then what????

your memories chase you from your past to the present and you think you are lost in the future of your past and your future becomes your present , the same boring routine type present and then either you go for a new future or same old past……….. so whats the use of present if i want to go for a new future and remember my past.

May 22, 2008

Feeling alone or want to live alone…

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einstein feeling alone


I have a reputation that i don’t care much about people or i don’t want many people around me(those who know me a bit may not agree but those who know me more than a bit it’s their idea about me).

Yes! it’s a bit true but the reason is not that like some of my friends think that i have no time for people just care about the stuff i like to do (many people hate that stuff which includes senseless humor to opening my mouth every now and then on hardcore politics).

I often don’t go for parties (except very special occasions in someone’s life or something really worthwhile going),to meet my relatives etc because what i feel about my self is that i lack that ‘bit’ to live among the people ‘a lot'(but i more than regularly use emails ,sms etc to keep myself in the money with the relations 😉   ).

i do care about people but also i want to have a fair approach with them means telling or openly expressing my views on their certain actions specially if it is against some of the principles i think are really important to keep in mind while taking some decision or action or expressing openly my point of difference without thinking about the possible reaction and some times it has negative consequences on relationships between me and other people (probably i usually fail to express my view properly) and that’s why i often avoid meeting with people i know (because i don’t want to lose them) but what i like is making new friends and meeting with new people every day so as to know how different people live differently and also i have a stupid sense of bringing change around me so for that i need people to brainwash …  😀



May 17, 2008

Mein har us sawal ka jawab chahta hoon

Mein har us sawal ka jawab chahta hoon

Jo kisi nai kabhi poocha na ho

Har us kahani ka ikhtitam chahta hoon

Jis ki koi intiha na ho

Mein har us ghari ka hisaab chahta hoon

Jo kisi khaial mein khoi na ho

Kia merai sawal kabhi jawab kai hongai qabil?

Ya mein yuhin khaialon mein bhatakta rahoonga?

Mein har us zian ka khiraaj chahta hoon

Jis zian  ki mujhai khabar kabhi na pohanchi ho

November 25, 2007

Want to know about a person?

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In old days people used to say”Want to know about a person?Observe his friends”

BUT now things have changed and now we can say

“Want to know about a person?Read his blog”

Crap isn’t it?

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