April 15, 2010

Dr. Israr Ahmad is no more with us. Inna lillah e wainna ilaihe rajioon

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A great Islamic  scholar, a true Pakistani and a great human is no more with us. Dr. Israr Ahmad passed away yesterday by the will of almighty Allah.

Inna lillah e wainna ilaihe rajioon

May Allah bless him with Jannat and forgive whatever wrong he did. He lived a life of a true scholar and a practical Muslim.  His efforts for Deen and Socio-Economic justice will always be remembered with respect.

I attended his few lectures on the topics of Socio-Economic justice and Islamic system and consider it a great thing in my life. His work of Quran Academy will inshaAllah grow more than ever.


April 9, 2010

Random Thought–>Nothing

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‘Nothing’ is one of the biggest mysteries out there in the universe and yet to be understood properly.

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