March 31, 2008

Boring life……….

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same old routines… same old “new job related challenges ( i dont know wot da hell da word challenge is doing, its just a new set of old problems in a different packagin)”.

now days dont have time to watch justice league,superman,tom and jerry ……..

boring life made me to write dis boring post so if u r getting bored reading dis its not my fault (its urs u r reading dis).

i dont know wot to do to get rid of dis booooooooooooooriiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttt

sari techniques to remove boriat look old and obsolete……..

:S 😦 😥

recently i met many of my uni friends in an engagement dat was some good change but den it was for few hours …
now again sitting in office doing office work …………………….


March 24, 2008

Watch Peace TV online.

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Our Goverment has taken another bone headed decision by banning one of the most informative channels in the world , PEACE TV.

Our government which is currently busy in controlling the lawyers and fighting the exported war on terror could not bear a channel spreading the message of “Peace” based on the true knowledge of Quran and Sunnah.

Peace TV link

Peace Tv on Geo Pakistan

March 23, 2008

Servants of Islam–>Jinnah on 23 March 1940

“Come forward as servants of Islam, organise the people economically, socially, educationally and politically and I am sure that you will be a power that will be accepted by everybody.”
(Muhammad Ali Jinnah-23 March 1940 address with the historic occasion of 1940 Independence Resolution)

March 12, 2008

Discovery of the world’s oldest animation.

I hope people who love history will find it interesting.

During 1970s Italian archaeological team discovered a bowl from the ruins of a 5,200 years old city which they named The Burnt City’s goat’.

But now they have discovered that it is a series of images makin an animation which now they name as ‘Assyrian Tree of Life’.

Burnt_City_Boz_details.jpg (34775 bytes)

(series of images)

(after combining the series of images makes an animation)

In the animation there is a goat trying to eat the leaves of a tree.

you will find the full story really interesting:

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