January 28, 2008

In the desert of life–>With deaf ears and barking souls

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In the desert of life

Wind blows as the days pass by

With every passing day

A living memory dies

With every dying memory

A story tells its tale

A tale of life with no beginning or end

Leaving behind…

The remains of nothing

And the story, forgotten forever

Just leaving some clichés

For the sake of vestige

With no purpose to be

For the beings, we are…

With deaf ears and barking souls

Another day passes by in the desert of life

Which is dry as ever

And forgotten for ever… 


January 22, 2008

Could The Universe Be Tied Up With Cosmic String?—>An remarkable discovery in pursuit of the very origin of the universe.

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An interesting discovery related to the very origin of the universe.

It Says: “A team of physicists and astronomers from the University of Sussex and Imperial College London have uncovered hints that there may be cosmic strings – lines of pure mass-energy – stretching across the entire Universe.” The details (from are:

Cosmic strings are predicted by high energy physics theories, including superstring theory. This is based on the idea that particles are not just little points, but tiny vibrating bits of string Cosmic strings are predicted to have extraordinary amounts of mass – perhaps as much as the mass of the Sun – packed into each metre of a tube whose width is less a billion billionth of the size of an atom.Lead researcher Dr Mark Hindmarsh, Reader in Physics at the University of Sussex, said: “This is an exciting result for physicists. Cosmic strings are relics of the very early Universe and signposts that would help construct a theory of all forces and particles.”His team took data from NASA’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP), which is a satellite currently mapping the intensity of cosmic microwaves from all directions, and carefully compared the predictions of what should be seen with and without strings.Dr Hindmarsh said: “We cannot yet see these strings directly. They are many billion light years away. We can only look for indirect evidence of their existence through precision measurements of the cosmic microwave background, of cosmic rays, gravitational radiation, and looking for double images of distant quasars.”The four-person team are members of COSMOS, the UK’s world-leading cosmology supercomputing consortium fronted by Stephen Hawking. Using a Silicon Graphics supercomputer they made predictions of how the strings would affect the Cosmic Microwave Background, relic radio waves from the Big Bang which fill the universe. It turned out that the best explanation for the pattern of this radiation was a theory which included strings.Dr Hindmarsh said that better data is required before the existence of cosmic strings can be confirmed. He hopes this will be produced by the European Space Agency’s Planck Satellite mission (due for launch this year).The results are published in Physical Review Letters on 18 January, 2008.

The Microwave Sky. The detailed, all-sky picture of the infant universe from three years of WMAP data. The image reveals 13.7 billion year old temperature fluctuations (shown as color differences) that correspond to the seeds that grew to become the galaxies. (Credit: NASA/WMAP Science Team)

January 9, 2008


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Check this interesting report. 

From NBC’s Domenico Montanaro
There is a real gender divide in this race. Obama leads among men, 42%-30%, and by a similar margin, Clinton leads among women, 47%-34%. This is a real difference from Iowa, where Obama actually BEAT Clinton among women.

He also defeated her in Iowa by wide margins among independents and young voters. Tonight, Obama leads among Independents (43%-31%) again, but not by the whopping margin he led by in Iowa. And he’s trailing among Democrats significantly (45%-34%). In Iowa, he actually beat Clinton by a point among Democrats. Among youth voters, he is way ahead among 18-24 year olds  (61%-22%), but he is actually trailing among 25-29 year olds (37%-34%). The under-30 vote is about 18% of the vote, slightly lower than the 22% that came out in Iowa. The combined under-30 vote is 51%-28% Obama — not as large a margin for Obama as it was in Iowa. 

check this out for detailed report:

January 8, 2008

Our nation has gone into a self destruction mode…

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I don’t know what good anyone can do with the nation willing to go in a self destruction mode. My university FAST-NUCES (aka BCCI-FAST) Karachi campus is the pioneering Computer Science Institute in Pakistan founded by the great thinking head like Agha Hasan Abidi and the purpose was to strengthen our nation’s technical human resource but the pictures I have seen of my university after violence I can simply say this nation doesn’t deserve any thing good such as justice or freedom, wild animals either should live in jungle or in cages they don’t deserve freedom in the civilized society(if we have any, its just a mob of frustrated,angry and aimless people). Seminar hall, labs (computer, electronics, robotics and automation), reception area are badly damaged, equipment got stolen ( I don’t know what was the fault of poor robotic arms, plc devices, oscilloscopes, PCs etc in Benazir’s Assassination). I don’t know when the university will be able to overcome the loss (financial, valuable data and above all the loss of the students in their academics).

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