October 22, 2009

Random Thoughts–>The real threat to any imperialist or totalitarian power

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The real threat to any imperialist or totalitarian power is that people start to think freely,justly and with open mind.


October 8, 2009

Earthquake, 8 October 2005–>Still lots of things left.

Who can forget the devastation of 8 October 2005 Northern Pakistan & Kashmir earthquake which claimed the lives of thosands of people and left more as homeless and injured.

The biggest victim of the earthquake were kids and educational institutions as the earthquake came at morning time when many of the kids were in schools and got hit by the devastation.

The people of Pakistan especially and all over the world in general immediately rose to the call and showed their support to the affected people.

Sadly the response from our government and international ones except for initial days cannot be considered as great. Pledges were made , estimates of rehabilitation were given but not much on the ground was done.

Still hundreds of thousands are living in tents , more than 1300 educational institutions are yet to be built leaving more than 100,000 people to study under the open sky or in temporary camps.

I don’t know after having so many refugees from Bajur,Sawat,Waziristan and other places due to an undue war how the victims of the 2005 earthquake will get the attention they need.

October 6, 2009

Dulhan kai saath 1 larki free

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It's all free

It's all free

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