January 7, 2009

Where can we find humanity in the capitalist world?

Though there is a very limited access to the Gaza area for media still there are reports of Palestinian Genocide by Israel Terrorist forces are coming.


There are news that Israel has attacked a UN run (not Hamas run) school (not missle factory) and killed people there but still Mr. Bush thinks Israel has the right to do it. Israel is targetting civilians incluling children and women,hospitals,schools, shops and what ever is labled as Palestine and the so called civilized world with dead souls running it still doing lip service and putting blames on the innocent Palestine.

An injured Hamas leader

(An injured Hamas leader)

I don’t know how and what will stop Israel because from weapons to money they are getting support from the so called civilized world and one can just think Where can we find humanity in the capitalist world?


The way the blockade of supplies (food,water,medicine etc) is being done by Israel and Egypt(Their leaders are also American Pets like ours) it seems if the survive the Israeli terrorist attacks the hunger and thirst will kill them.


It seems they don’t think others are humans as well.



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