May 28, 2008

28th May, Yaum-E-Takbeer–>Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan we salute you.

(A true national hero) 

On 28th May 1998 Pakistan announced its entry in the nuclear club when it conducted 6 Nuclear tests in response to the nuclear tests of India on 11 and 13 May 1998 in Pokhran.

On this day we must not forget the heroes who made it possible for us specially the scientists under Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan.

No matter what the imperialist powers think of you and what treatment the dictator and his men give you , the nation is with you as you are our true national hero.

We salute you Dr. Khan!

We salute you our scientists who made it possible for us who made it possible to make us feel proud on being powerful enough to safeguard our integrity and honor (but unfortunately the dictator has not taken care of that honor).


May 22, 2008

Feeling alone or want to live alone…

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einstein feeling alone


I have a reputation that i don’t care much about people or i don’t want many people around me(those who know me a bit may not agree but those who know me more than a bit it’s their idea about me).

Yes! it’s a bit true but the reason is not that like some of my friends think that i have no time for people just care about the stuff i like to do (many people hate that stuff which includes senseless humor to opening my mouth every now and then on hardcore politics).

I often don’t go for parties (except very special occasions in someone’s life or something really worthwhile going),to meet my relatives etc because what i feel about my self is that i lack that ‘bit’ to live among the people ‘a lot'(but i more than regularly use emails ,sms etc to keep myself in the money with the relations 😉   ).

i do care about people but also i want to have a fair approach with them means telling or openly expressing my views on their certain actions specially if it is against some of the principles i think are really important to keep in mind while taking some decision or action or expressing openly my point of difference without thinking about the possible reaction and some times it has negative consequences on relationships between me and other people (probably i usually fail to express my view properly) and that’s why i often avoid meeting with people i know (because i don’t want to lose them) but what i like is making new friends and meeting with new people every day so as to know how different people live differently and also i have a stupid sense of bringing change around me so for that i need people to brainwash …  😀



May 17, 2008

Mein har us sawal ka jawab chahta hoon

Mein har us sawal ka jawab chahta hoon

Jo kisi nai kabhi poocha na ho

Har us kahani ka ikhtitam chahta hoon

Jis ki koi intiha na ho

Mein har us ghari ka hisaab chahta hoon

Jo kisi khaial mein khoi na ho

Kia merai sawal kabhi jawab kai hongai qabil?

Ya mein yuhin khaialon mein bhatakta rahoonga?

Mein har us zian ka khiraaj chahta hoon

Jis zian  ki mujhai khabar kabhi na pohanchi ho

May 16, 2008

Brave Developers…

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A true developer is the one who has the in-born capability to face the bug!

May 15, 2008

Superman to Fusionman–>The world’s first man to fly with fitted jet-fuel powered wings .

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We all have been watching Superman from our child hood ages(infact i still love to do this) but now I think there is a nw super hero for us  …. Fusionman!

rossy, the fusionman

For Images and news:

The world’s first man to fly with fitted jet-fuel powered wings strapped to his back has taken to the skies.

Swiss pilot Yves Rossy, who calls himself Fusionman, wowed spectators as he soared 2500 metres above the small town of Bex in western Switzerland.

Rossy jumped from a plane at 8,000 feet and completed several loops at 300 kms per hour, using only his body to change position for five minutes over the Swiss Alps.

May 14, 2008

Friendship,Good and Bad of/from a person and my humble view.

I tend to write things on my blog,different websites,sometimes email my self the ideas i like so that i can look back at them after sometime to see what positives or negative I developed after that.

I have written on my orkut profile the way I look at friendship and good and bad from/of a person and i think i ve’nt changed a bit atleast on these two things.

I always look for real friends(boy or a girl, I just look for some qualities) and most of the time get fail in this.
For me a true friend is one who can act as a mirror for you means if u are doing something wrong he should stop you and even in this effort he should be ready to damage your evil cause and also a good friend if he thinks u r right about something and if even the whole world is against you ur friend must stand for you or atleast stand with u.
And also a good friend should also be a good human being and if he is not then you need to act as a good friend towards him.

Good and Bad of/from a Person-:
I think no body in the world can be perfectly categorized as a good or a bad person , a great person can commit a worst crime and also can be said for the reverse case its just the proportion of goodness or evilness which makes the judgement .

May 2, 2008

Procom.Net 2008 a great experience!

Today i visited my uni (as a judge ahem ahem…  in Procom.Net 2008 organised by

FAST-NU with my dear IEEE-NUCES team).

The event was really well organized and the credit should be given to the whole team as it was the first of its kind the series(three societies IEEE-NUCES,NETCOM and PROCOM jointly organized the event and it was great to see them as a team).

The best part I liked (I am not giving this opinion because i was the judge of

I-Cube) is the creativity and dedication cute innocent little kids  showed in their projects.

Though it was really hard for me to judge the projects because

for me all of them

were really simply great! and the best thing i liked about the kids was their honesty to tell for which parts they got help from others and specially when one of them said

“Woh Uncle( :S  ) yeh motor mein nai chotai bhai ki gari sai nikali thi

lift kai liay”

and i said hmm “beta number kataingai” and then the kid

replied ” mein promise

karta hoon apnai bhai ko naiee dilaoonga please number nahi katain!”

after seeing those kids i think even if we are not going

through the golden

moments of our national histiory but our future is bright and

has the potential to pave its way

its just that we need to remove the hurdles from their ways ahead.

Great work kidz “Aaj kal kai dimagh kharab karnai walai halaat mein you

gave me some real good moments to remember”… 😀

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