January 15, 2010

Gar Hashar Bapa Hota Hai…

گر حشر بپۃ ہوتا ہے تو حشر بپۃ ہو لینے دو

گر ظلم خفا ہوہے توظلم خفا ہو لینے دو

اے عدل کے ایوانوں کے منصف سن لو

انصاف قتل نۃ ہونے دو انصاف کوزندہ رہنے دو


October 22, 2009

Random Thoughts–>The real threat to any imperialist or totalitarian power

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The real threat to any imperialist or totalitarian power is that people start to think freely,justly and with open mind.

November 6, 2007

Something I wrote……. more than a year ago

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  The world I live in,
  Shining like the sun,
  Burning in the fire,
  Dying hopes and living desires,
  The way I have been with the dreams unseen,
  Walking alone,
  With fears in my eyes,
  No where to run and no where to hide,
  Tempest in my mind,
  Tears of the red and aim of the blue,
  All the hallucinations! Can they be true?,
  With all my efforts summing to zero,
  Betraying myself,
  My own unwanted being,
  With all these thoughts,
  Suddenly I look up on the skies,
  Saving myself falling in oblivion,
  Bowing myself in front of “The Lord”,
  With rising hopes,
  And searing passion to win,
  Collecting myself with resolve stronger,
  Ahead is the world I have to conquer.

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