November 10, 2007

Real threat to Pakistan! the mind set of its people

I was thinking and in someway analyzing the situation of Pakistan.Why
its in a real hopeless situation.Is it feudalism,corruption,racism,sectarianism n
linguistic discrimination(muhajir,sindhi,punjabi,pukhtoon,baloch etc)
or absence of the system of justice.

BUT the real thing which i can now observe and say really confidently
that all this is because the mindset we ve developed as a nation. The
real thing is all the problems mentioned above ve become part of our
culture n we don’t want to fix it coz our minds r dead , not willing
to change, not willing to think as honest,just and freedom loving nation.

the real battle is the battle of minds and its a real shame that this
battle field is not active so the war is on the streets n valleys.

Most of us are beneficiaries of the current corrupt and unjust political and social system, we ve our ethnic,political,sectarian n interest based affiliations which stop us from even thinking freely n discussing da issues freely.
Its real easy to keep ur selves away from issues and telling ur self
that i m a doctor,engineer or so n so ,its not my job.

No sir, defending da values,system of justice and humanity is da
responsibility of each n every individual otherwise we ve seen nations
becoming just another forgotten part of  the pages of history.

Its not the matter who is more responsible, its just who has the will to
resist the damage.



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