December 17, 2010

Depth of cheap journalism–>Mubashir Luqman calling Afridi culprit for exposing spot fixing in Pakistan Cricket

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Depth of cheap journalism. Mr. Luqman is calling someone a culprit who according to his sources exposed the corruption in Pakistan Cricket. Some BS in the name of supporting players. Luqman has rightly proved himself to be a Klan member of Mushi and Salman Taseer.

” Authenticated Sources has confirmed with proofs that English Newspaper News of the World has created the issue of Spot fixing on the report by Shahid Afridi due to few clashes with team players.

Moreover it is also confirmed that Shahid Afridi provided a letter of 4pages to ICC confirming that players are guilty and involved in spot-fixing.”

– Mubasher Lucman

This is a real sorry state of Pakistan where corrupt politicians, journalists,generals and even players use the cover of nationalism or patriotism for hiding their corruption.


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