February 13, 2012

Fake disturbing pictures of babies on facebook to promote profiles and pages–>Shame on those who do it!

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It seems some morons are playing with the sentiments of people on facebook. To promote their pages and profiles they circulate a disturbing picture of a baby and say facebook will donate x amount of dollars for every share and innocent people share it considering it to be a genuine thing. I still appreciate those who do that but for those who initiate those pics I don’t have any good words. If facebook wants to donate something then they are a big corporate giant and they can donate it without circulating disturbing images of any innocent child. Facebook can even use advertisement banners to invite people for direct donations or pages instead of using other profiles/pages.

The better way is to report these pictures to facebook or to send a request/protest messages to those who are doing it by following these profiles (if they are also not the victims of these fake picture thing).

Indeed this is a shameful way of marketing and promoting profiles and pages. Shame on those who do it.


January 27, 2012

26 Jan 2012 : Capital Talk A good program on Missing Person’s Case and ISI state crimes against people

Below is the link of a useful program on ISI’s crimes and state terrorism. In this episode of Capital Talk Hamid Mir talks on one of the most imortant case of our history.

Guests : Lt. Gen(R) Malik Abdul Qayum, Hasil Bazinjo, Omer Cheema,Asima Jehangir and victim/lawyer in missig person’s case.
Real cases are missing persons, NRO, 3rd November 2007 and if these cases are resolved on principles of justice and constitution then we can see some fundamental changes. :

We also need a war tribunal to investigate and prosecute War Crimes in this fake war on terror.​26/​capital-talk-on-geo-news-26th-j​anuary-2012/

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