September 21, 2010

Flood : Task is huge but not impossible

Recent floods in Pakistan are considered to be the worst natural disaster of modern history which has affected more than 20 million people in Pakistan, costing billions of dollars of losses and taking lives of thousands. Economic loss is estimated to be around 15 billion dollars by non-government sources but according to Prime Minister Gillani the loss is over 40 billion dollars.

Rescue and relief efforts are being done with major contribution from local and international charities. Government and its institutions again seem to be lagging behind the required pace of effort.

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May 2, 2008

Procom.Net 2008 a great experience!

Today i visited my uni (as a judge ahem ahem…  in Procom.Net 2008 organised by

FAST-NU with my dear IEEE-NUCES team).

The event was really well organized and the credit should be given to the whole team as it was the first of its kind the series(three societies IEEE-NUCES,NETCOM and PROCOM jointly organized the event and it was great to see them as a team).

The best part I liked (I am not giving this opinion because i was the judge of

I-Cube) is the creativity and dedication cute innocent little kids  showed in their projects.

Though it was really hard for me to judge the projects because

for me all of them

were really simply great! and the best thing i liked about the kids was their honesty to tell for which parts they got help from others and specially when one of them said

“Woh Uncle( :S  ) yeh motor mein nai chotai bhai ki gari sai nikali thi

lift kai liay”

and i said hmm “beta number kataingai” and then the kid

replied ” mein promise

karta hoon apnai bhai ko naiee dilaoonga please number nahi katain!”

after seeing those kids i think even if we are not going

through the golden

moments of our national histiory but our future is bright and

has the potential to pave its way

its just that we need to remove the hurdles from their ways ahead.

Great work kidz “Aaj kal kai dimagh kharab karnai walai halaat mein you

gave me some real good moments to remember”… 😀

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