December 21, 2009


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A secret way of keeping your secret as a secret is to share the secret with at least 4-5 people so that at least one of them will keep it as a secret.


October 6, 2009

Dulhan kai saath 1 larki free

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It's all free

It's all free

August 26, 2008

Height of IT revolution in Pakistan…

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(Pentium 4 for sale at 399 rs per kg )   :S

Sure we are having an IT Revolution!

May 22, 2008

Feeling alone or want to live alone…

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einstein feeling alone


I have a reputation that i don’t care much about people or i don’t want many people around me(those who know me a bit may not agree but those who know me more than a bit it’s their idea about me).

Yes! it’s a bit true but the reason is not that like some of my friends think that i have no time for people just care about the stuff i like to do (many people hate that stuff which includes senseless humor to opening my mouth every now and then on hardcore politics).

I often don’t go for parties (except very special occasions in someone’s life or something really worthwhile going),to meet my relatives etc because what i feel about my self is that i lack that ‘bit’ to live among the people ‘a lot'(but i more than regularly use emails ,sms etc to keep myself in the money with the relations 😉   ).

i do care about people but also i want to have a fair approach with them means telling or openly expressing my views on their certain actions specially if it is against some of the principles i think are really important to keep in mind while taking some decision or action or expressing openly my point of difference without thinking about the possible reaction and some times it has negative consequences on relationships between me and other people (probably i usually fail to express my view properly) and that’s why i often avoid meeting with people i know (because i don’t want to lose them) but what i like is making new friends and meeting with new people every day so as to know how different people live differently and also i have a stupid sense of bringing change around me so for that i need people to brainwash …  😀



May 16, 2008

Brave Developers…

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A true developer is the one who has the in-born capability to face the bug!

April 2, 2008

life at work……how romantic :)

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“Thats how management wants you to work…”



March 31, 2008

Boring life……….

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same old routines… same old “new job related challenges ( i dont know wot da hell da word challenge is doing, its just a new set of old problems in a different packagin)”.

now days dont have time to watch justice league,superman,tom and jerry ……..

boring life made me to write dis boring post so if u r getting bored reading dis its not my fault (its urs u r reading dis).

i dont know wot to do to get rid of dis booooooooooooooriiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttt

sari techniques to remove boriat look old and obsolete……..

:S 😦 😥

recently i met many of my uni friends in an engagement dat was some good change but den it was for few hours …
now again sitting in office doing office work …………………….

November 25, 2007

Want to know about a person?

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In old days people used to say”Want to know about a person?Observe his friends”

BUT now things have changed and now we can say

“Want to know about a person?Read his blog”

Crap isn’t it?

November 19, 2007

Infinity and Emotions……..need of a unit of emotions

The topic might look a bit stupid but that’s how emotions are. I was having a discussion with someone regarding emotions and the level of emotions and then during my way back home from my office I was thinking whether emotions do have some quantified value or not, whether their is something you can call infinite love or hatred etc.

Most of the people say love cannot be quantified cannot be compared or put to some axiomatic statement or love is blind(bla bla bla…) But when you look at your life you find  different levels of affection or hatred for different people like you love A more than B or hate C more than D etc and also if you think  you love something more than any thing and at then you say that your love something is infinite it’s again look illogical because that thing which you love more than any thing is actually your absolute reference  of love(similar is the case with other emotions such as hatred,anger etc) such as light for many physicists is absolute reference(and even speed of light has a value i.e. 3 x 10^8 m/s and now people are talking about FTL phenomenon)  means emotions must have some unit direct or indirect for e.g. love may have some relationship with the your brain cells and in the example if you love A more then B means if your love count for B is X number of brain cells utilized for the love portion then for A it must be X+1 or X+ Y depends on how much you love A more than B and similar is the case with comparing two different emotions about a person for e.g. if you hate someone means your hate units for that person have out-numbered your love units for that person and also if you hate C more than D means you have some love portion for C which is more than your love portion for D.

So from the above argument it is proved that emotions are quantifiable and there is a need to develop a unit for emotions.

And perhaps the concept of “infinite emotions” will become obsolete.

Basically the discussion started when I was having my finance class and there was an issue of amortizing the goodwill of a company and the teacher said “there are few analysts who think we cannot have an accurate measure of the worth of goodwill as is the case with emotions because we don’t have a measurable unit to exchange(and to me it looked unusual)”.

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