January 27, 2012

26 Jan 2012 : Capital Talk A good program on Missing Person’s Case and ISI state crimes against people

Below is the link of a useful program on ISI’s crimes and state terrorism. In this episode of Capital Talk Hamid Mir talks on one of the most imortant case of our history.

Guests : Lt. Gen(R) Malik Abdul Qayum, Hasil Bazinjo, Omer Cheema,Asima Jehangir and victim/lawyer in missig person’s case.
Real cases are missing persons, NRO, 3rd November 2007 and if these cases are resolved on principles of justice and constitution then we can see some fundamental changes. :

We also need a war tribunal to investigate and prosecute War Crimes in this fake war on terror.​26/​capital-talk-on-geo-news-26th-j​anuary-2012/


December 17, 2010

Tax Culture or Manorialism?

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Before the concepts of agrarian and market economies, ancient societies especially the Roman Empire used to have a system based on Manorialism. In that society ruling elite comprising mostly of feudal elite and others used to control the land resources of the state through their political and military influence. The ruling elite support their finances and lifestyle by collecting obligatory contributions from the peasants and slave population under their jurisdiction. The contributions were in the form of coins, mandatory labor or even in the form of usable items and kinds. The dependent in return only used to get the right of living, earning just enough to live and a false sense of security.

The way situation in Pakistan is going, it seems we are moving very fast in backward direction of time to the point where Manorialism was at its peak and few lords used to enjoy enormous economic and ruling power. Recent debate on imposing new taxes or increasing the percentages of the old one to serve the expenses and corruption of our ruling elite is a good example of this.

The reality of our situation is that few classes of our people are working like bonded labour to pay most of the taxes so that they can ensure their living and also serve the ruling classes of the state. The Tax to GDP ratio debate and the methods which are devised to increase it in order to bring it to so called international standards seems to be leading a common salary class person in a position where he will only be able to serve the ruling elite with his hard work and his own survival will be just enough to keep him available for work.

Read complete :

October 15, 2010

Cricket in trouble

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Spot fixing scandals, PCB mismanagement, team selection issues and now ICC’s one month notice to Pakistan, I don’t know what else is in line that shall force the change in our cricket administration and structure.

Like most of the institutions in Pakistan, our cricket and PCB is full of incompetent people, who can only serve their own interests and greed at the cost of national interest.

Recent issue is a bit more serious than our previous one, as now the entire Pakistani cricket is at stake. According to reports, ICC has clearly stated that if PCB doesn’t make its house in order then ICC can suspend the membership of Pakistan Cricket Board and in worst case can even suspend Pakistan Cricket Team from taking part at international level.

Not only PCB is responsible for this mess, but the role of ICC is not clean too. We all know how India dominates ICC and despite our blindly toeing Indian line, like in recent case of ICC Vice-President nomination, India always plays a negative role to damage Pakistan Cricket.

We also need to understand the possible commercial dynamics of this whole mess. India with its huge commercial interests and influence in ICC, can literally dictate terms in its favor and against us. Indian Cricket is also facing an internal crisis of IPL corruption and due to internal problems they are not even able to organize the mega event in India for last 2-3 occasions. Even in IPL, it has sidelined Pakistan Cricket by not allowing Pakistani Players to take part in IPL and not allowing Pakistan T-20 teams to take part in IPL Champion’s League, despite IPL’s official status in ICC and Pakistan’s position as a senior member.

Pakistan on the other hand is planning its own T-20 league in collaboration with Abdur Rehman Bukhatir of UAE. The series is reportedly planned for next year. The current crisis should also be seen in this context. But the real thing is that it is our board’s mismanagement and cricket corruption issues which have provided the enemies of Pakistan Cricket to play their dirty game.

Some serious steps are needed to be taken for Pakistan Cricket. First and the most important step in this regard should be to change the current management of PCB. Second, we need to take the issues of spot fixing and match fixing very seriously and instead of covering up the issue or treating it casually, strict measures should to be taken to punish the guilty players and officials. Unless we don’t make our house clean and in order, we cannot take any stand if required.

It is also reported that ICC has lifted the charges of match fixing in 3rd one day international between Pakistan and England. We should ask explanation from ICC and give a legal notice to ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat for blaming Pakistan team before doing proper inquiry of the issue.

Also Pakistan should strengthen its cricketing ties with new members including China, UAE and countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and others instead of just relying on so called South Asian Cricket Block, which seems to be of no good. Pakistan needs to pursue its Premier League plans with keeping in mind, not only the revival of cricket but also making it a commercial and financial success.

Teams from associate members like Afghanistan, Hong Kong, UAE and new comers like China, Malaysia and Indonesia can help in getting big marketing money. We have people like Asif Iqbal, Majid Khan and Ramiz Raja who can help our cricket in this regard. People like Javed Miandad have played important role in promoting cricket in China so he along with his great cricketing stature can play an important role. Our country is no short of people who can work as ambassadors of Pakistan Cricket. People like Imran Khan and Wasim Akram, if they just take part in some advertisement campaigns for our cricket can make a huge difference.

The thing is that, we can do a lot even in times of crisis which in fact provides us the chance to gauge our potential. But honesty, commitment and broad vision is required to face the challenges which unfortunately our current cricket administration lacks.

September 21, 2010

Flood : Task is huge but not impossible

Recent floods in Pakistan are considered to be the worst natural disaster of modern history which has affected more than 20 million people in Pakistan, costing billions of dollars of losses and taking lives of thousands. Economic loss is estimated to be around 15 billion dollars by non-government sources but according to Prime Minister Gillani the loss is over 40 billion dollars.

Rescue and relief efforts are being done with major contribution from local and international charities. Government and its institutions again seem to be lagging behind the required pace of effort.

Read complete : Flood : Task is huge but not impossible

March 11, 2010

Inflation, Free Markets and Government Control

The recent debate in Pakistan over government’s ability to control, lack of involvement or excessive involvement in economic issues has taken new turn with the departure of finance minister Shaukat Tarin.

Shaukat  Tarin left the office when Pakistan is seeing one of the worst energy crisis of its history.  Pakistan with its reliance of 50% on natural gas for energy is facing the short fall of 1 billion cubic feet making around 20% of the total demand.

Recent Gallup Pakistan survey also shows that majority of Pakistani population considers economic issues as their top most priority. Around 63% think issues like unemployment, inflation etc are their major issues as compared to terrorism and political crises.


December 13, 2009


یۃ کس جنگ میں ھیں پڑے ھم
شھید بھی اپنے ھلاک بھی اپنے

یۃ کس راہ پۃ ھیں چلے ھم
نشیب بھی اپنے فراز بھی اپنے

اس راہ پۃ روشنی کیوں نھیں ھے
جبکۃ اندھیرے بھی اپنے چراغ بھی اپنے

کیوں انسانیت کی نۃ قدر کریں ھم
کۃ ھم بھی اپنے اور تم بھی اپنے

یۃ اس جنگ کی ھے سوچ پرائ
پر ھاتھ اپنے اور دماغ اپنے

یۃ سب ھے ذاتی مفادات کا کھیل
تعصبات بھی اپے تضادات بھی اپنے

ھے راھبروں کی یۃ خود پرستی
وہ خود بھی اپنے پرستار بھی اپنے

یۃ لمحۃ موت کا آخر گذرے گا کب پھر
جبکۃ وقت بھی اپنا مکاں بھی اپنے

یۃ اس خدا کی زمیں ھے یارو
ھیں جس کے بندے تمام اپنے

ھے وقت اب بھی کۃ خود کو سنبھالیں
ورنۃ ٹوٹ جائنگے تمام سپنے


November 25, 2009

Need more achievements like JF-17

Pakistan’s defense budget always revolve around army because of their influence on political governments and their active or not so good role in politics but luckily our air force has kept it’s professionalism despite the efforts by Ayub Khan who tried to involve Air Marshal Asghar Khan in politics, Yahya Khan ,Zia and Musharraf  tried the same thing but the standards set by Air Marshal Noor Khan and Asghar Khan kept them professional and up to the task to defend the nation and not to take part in country politics.

We need to focus on building a real smart air force which has always out performed our politically corrupt army in situations of war despite its small size and criminal negligence to build it.

JF-17 Thunder air craft is a good step towards strengthening our air space despite the small size of our air force as compared to our perceived threat.

JF-17 comes in medium high tech category equipped with state of the art avionics, ability to fire air to air missiles beyond visible range,state of the art radars, capability of air to air fueling, provision for stealth and other things which makes it a real useful weapon in our air inventory.

This achievement also shows the strength of Pakistan-China relationship and shows we can achieve more with this friendship.

Hopefully we will also achieve more in defence  technology especially air defence and will soon use our technical capabilities in defence for our civilian sector.

October 22, 2009

Random Thoughts–>The real threat to any imperialist or totalitarian power

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The real threat to any imperialist or totalitarian power is that people start to think freely,justly and with open mind.

April 18, 2008

Aik kashti thi qazzaqon ki,Aik kashti mein maot kai sipahi

Aik kashti thi qazzaqon ki

Aik kashti mein maot kai sipahi

Tijarat tha un ka khooni pasha

Khalq e Khuda thi un ki sataiee

Raaj tha un ka aapas mein bata hoa

Samandar mein thi un ki Ijara dari

Paas tha aik jazeera chota

Kuch khalq e Khuda thi us mein samaiee

Khoaf tha un mein donon ka hi

Donon un pai zulm thai dhatai

Koi siana un mein aata

Moat kai sipahi us ko Jatai

Koi dana un ko milta

Qazaq usai aa laijatai

Laikin Khuda ko kuch aur tha  Manzoor

Logon ko kuch aqal si aiee

Baat un kai kuch dil ko aiee

Siyanai un mein sar jor kai bethai

Mil kai unhon nai  yeh phir socha

Kab tak hum ghulam rahaingai

Khalq e Khuda mein bai naam rahaingai

Kab tak zulm hum pai hoga

Kub tak hum jhukai rahaingai

Phir unhon nai zor ki thani

Lathi danda jo bhi banta

Ghar ghar sai who lai kai aai

Apni aik fauj si banai

Phir Khuda ki rehmat bhi josh mein aaiee

Samandar mein aik bhonchal sa aaia

Qazzaqon ki kashti dobi

Khulai samandar mein kafi doobai

Kuch sahil pai ter kai pohanchai

Laikin logon nai un ko pakda

Un kai zulm yaad dilai

Un ka shur anjaam ko pohancha

Aur duniya sai fani hogai

Dekh rahai thai yeh sab kuch

Maot kai sipahi aankhai kholai

Soch rahai thai mauqa acha

Raaj hoga akaila apna

Laikin Khuda ki aur nazar thi

Makhlooq Khuda ki Nijaat thi chahti

Zulm aur burbariat kai sodagaron sai

Un kai dil mein khaial sa aaia

Sahil ko hi kion na ja lain

Is basti ko rond hi daalain

Who basti kai sahil pai pohanchai

Kashti sai joon hi who utrai

Sahil ki hawa nai kashti ko ulta

Kashti tukrai tukrai hoiee

Wapsi ko koi aasra na bacha ab

Maut kai sodagar ghabrai

Agai thai sab jazeerai walai

Dandai Lathi aur naizon walai

Peechai aik samandar gehra

Baphra hoa maut kai jaisa

Taqat ka nasha tha phir bhi

So aagai barhai zulm ko dhanai

Laikin Khalq e Khuda jab aaik hojai

Aur Khuda ki madad bhi aai

Koi zulm nahi thahair sakta phir

Jab mazloom kai haath mein faisla aai

Aur phir dekha tareekh nai aisa

Bazi basti kai logon nai jeeti

Shaheed hoai Rah mein laikin

Halak honai walon pai ghalba paaia

Zulm ki jar ko kaat dala

Aman ka naam kia phir bala

Tareekh kia phir lotaigi

Aaj kai in qazzaqon ko

Maut kai in sipahion ko

Maza phir chakhlai gi

Phir haq aur batil ki jang mein

Fatah haq ki ho jaigi

February 6, 2008

no comments…

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Pakistan is going through a real difficult time we are facing terrorism,we have a judicial crisis going on,our nation is facing flour,electricity,gas and … crises and see what our rulers are doing.

“Musharraf gets new jet”
Islamabad, Nov 30, 2007 (Asia Pulse Data Source via COMTEX) —
A new executive jet has been acquired for the exclusive use of Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, who has embarked on a fresh five-year term as a civilian head of the country.
The 10-seat Learjet, which brings the number of aircraft in Pakistan’s VVIP fleet to 14, is one of three planes whose procurement was approved by former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz.
“American pilots, who brought the jet here a few days ago, have started training their Pakistani counterparts,” a source told the Dawn newspaper, adding the training would take two months.
Pakistan’s aircraft fleet for VVIPs includes an Airbus-310, a G-IV, a Cessna Citation V, a Cessna Citation Excel, a Learjet 35, a Learjet 45 XR, a Raytheon Hawker 400, a Falcon 20, a Cessna Conquest II, three Bell 412 helicopters and an Mi-17 helicopter.
“Two other jets ordered may land here after the elections. These jets are for the personal use of President and Prime Minister,” the source said. The source said the value of the new luxury jet was about 60 million dollars.
On March 15, Aziz had flown to Uzbekistan in the Airbus-310 that was gifted by Qatar in February.

Copyright (C) 2008 Asia Pulse Data Source. All rights reserved
News Provided by COMTEX


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