November 25, 2009

Need more achievements like JF-17

Pakistan’s defense budget always revolve around army because of their influence on political governments and their active or not so good role in politics but luckily our air force has kept it’s professionalism despite the efforts by Ayub Khan who tried to involve Air Marshal Asghar Khan in politics, Yahya Khan ,Zia and Musharraf  tried the same thing but the standards set by Air Marshal Noor Khan and Asghar Khan kept them professional and up to the task to defend the nation and not to take part in country politics.

We need to focus on building a real smart air force which has always out performed our politically corrupt army in situations of war despite its small size and criminal negligence to build it.

JF-17 Thunder air craft is a good step towards strengthening our air space despite the small size of our air force as compared to our perceived threat.

JF-17 comes in medium high tech category equipped with state of the art avionics, ability to fire air to air missiles beyond visible range,state of the art radars, capability of air to air fueling, provision for stealth and other things which makes it a real useful weapon in our air inventory.

This achievement also shows the strength of Pakistan-China relationship and shows we can achieve more with this friendship.

Hopefully we will also achieve more in defence  technology especially air defence and will soon use our technical capabilities in defence for our civilian sector.

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