May 14, 2008

Friendship,Good and Bad of/from a person and my humble view.

I tend to write things on my blog,different websites,sometimes email my self the ideas i like so that i can look back at them after sometime to see what positives or negative I developed after that.

I have written on my orkut profile the way I look at friendship and good and bad from/of a person and i think i ve’nt changed a bit atleast on these two things.

I always look for real friends(boy or a girl, I just look for some qualities) and most of the time get fail in this.
For me a true friend is one who can act as a mirror for you means if u are doing something wrong he should stop you and even in this effort he should be ready to damage your evil cause and also a good friend if he thinks u r right about something and if even the whole world is against you ur friend must stand for you or atleast stand with u.
And also a good friend should also be a good human being and if he is not then you need to act as a good friend towards him.

Good and Bad of/from a Person-:
I think no body in the world can be perfectly categorized as a good or a bad person , a great person can commit a worst crime and also can be said for the reverse case its just the proportion of goodness or evilness which makes the judgement .


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