December 29, 2007

Infrastructure and equipment burnt and stolen at FAST-NUCES Karachi campus.

I don’t know what people want to achieve by burning and damaging public property ,banks,hospitals,shops,cars,buses etc.

These things will not serve any good cause or bring back Benazir Bhutto (I think with protesters some criminal elements have joined their hands now or it’s a frustration as a result of poverty and powerlessness).

Yesterday I got a real bad news , my University (FAST-NU) was set on fire by the violent mob, they stole the computers, damaged the engineering labs and stole the equipment and also burnt the seminar rooms,academics etc

Reports are not good about TIPs (Textile Institute of Pakistan) as well … I hope people trapped there have safely reached home(I really hope that the reports are wrong but they are coming from many sources).

This madness should come to an end now and we should act as a real responsible and one nation.

May Allah help us and guide us.


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