November 5, 2007

Its time to Take Action! (Go! Dictatorship Go!)

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We neither are  animals so that who ever wants to take us in the direction he wants us to go and we will obey him without thinking nor we are slaves, we are free people.

We as a nation need to think

and act as an honest, just and

freedom loving nation.

In this time of difficulty the nation must rise for the survival of Pakistan and tell the dictator Musharraf we want to live with freedom under the rule of law.

And people who think all this effort is a waste of time.

“Whoever amongst you sees anything objectionable, let him change it with his hand, if he is not able, then with his tongue, and if he is not even able to do so, then with his heart, and the latter is the weakest form of faith.”(Hadith)
Go! Dictatorship Go!


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